Kate Middleton Spotted At Buckingham Palace, Clearly Not In Labor — When Will Royal Baby Arrive?

Kate Middleton, defying rumors that she is in labor or on the verge of having the birth of her second child induced, was seen Tuesday morning calmly driving away from Buckingham Palace, showing no signs of panic at being a few days past her delivery due date.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen by members of the German media behind the wheel of her own car with the toddler Prince George in the back seat accompanied by his full-time nanny. A cadre of five bodyguards followed Kate Middleton, but that did not prevent her from blending in with the morning commuters in central London.

According to reports, Kate Middleton steered her vehicle in and out of London traffic with her fellow motorists taking no notice whatsoever of that fact that they were sharing the road with perhaps the most famous and most frequently photographed woman in the world.

Duchess Kate was reported to be driving a Land Rover Range Rover, a compact, luxury SUV that would have plenty of room for the baby and his Spanish-born nanny Maria Borrallo.

And what was Kate doing at the Palace? Breakfast with the Queen perhaps? Well, probably not. The British media believes that Kate Middleton took Prince George, who is said to have already developed a love of the water, swimming in the Royal pool inside the palace.

Usually, Kate herself will take the little Prince into the water herself, but this time — presumably due to his mother’s advanced state of pregnancy — it was Borrallo who accompanied the future King of England into the swimming pool.

The Kate Middleton sighting came at a moment when the world media had gathered in a throng outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London, where Kate Middleton is scheduled to give birth, when reporters noticed a stepped-up security detail there and a new corps or Royal press officials arrived at the hospital.

The media seemed certain that Kate was inside, or at least would arrive imminently, to give birth to Royal Baby Number Two. But when she was seen leaving Buckingham Palace, Kate Middleton appeared like a normal mom — albeit a Royal, heavily pregnant one — taking her young child for a little exercise.

Other rumors have run wild through the British press, claiming that the birth of the Royal Baby will be induced not Tuesday, but Wednesday — the date of the anniversary pf her wedding to Prince William four years ago.

[Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images]