A cop’s cop car

Typically the majority of police cars in use today are just overhauled family sedans with the occasional Mustang or Charger thrown into the mix for those really high speed chases. That could change if Carbon Motors Corp. has anything to say about the future of police department vehicle purchases. The company is out and about showing off its prototype of a cop car that was designed by police officers

"I don't see any downside to this car," said Carl Latorre, a Pennsylvania State Police dispatcher who served 35 years as a Philadelphia police officer. "I am so excited about this car. This car rates up there with cops carrying automatic weapons to combat what the criminals carry now. It's about time that something like this came about."

OK, so it doesn't have a nanotech cloaking capability or rocket boosters, but every feature on the Carbon E7 concept vehicle draws on suggestions from more than 3,000 law enforcement professionals.

The result is a futuristic prowler with a 300-horsepower clean diesel engine, flashing lights visible from all angles, an ergonomic cockpit, an onboard computer with voice command and instant license plate recognition, integrated shotgun mounts, and more. (Weapons of mass destruction detectors are available as an option -- seriously.)

Source: CNN

Mind you the one thing that could hold police departments back on buying these cop cars of the future is the price. Currently Carbon Motors isn't giving a definite delivery price but are suggesting it will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $50,000 per car. Mind you the Carbon cop car is expected to surpass the current life expectancy of between 75,000 to 125,000 miles for the standard patrol car with a life expectancy of 250,000 miles.