Meet Sprinkles, The 33-Pound Cat (Equivalent To A 700-Pound Person) Who Was Found In Foreclosed New Jersey Home

Sprinkles, a true fat cat from New Jersey, may have had too many kitty snacks in her lifetime. The neglected tabby is so obese, she can’t even roll over or properly groom herself.

After a house foreclosed last week, Sprinkles was taken to the non-profit group S.O.S. Sea Isle City Cats.

“Whatever position she’s in, she’s stuck. She can barely move,” said Stacy Olandt, a volunteer at the shelter.

“We’ve seen fat cats at 20 to 25 pounds, but this is just obscene,” she said, comparing the cat’s weight to a 600- or 700-pound person.

“Cats, by and large, don’t overfeed themselves. This is similar to a 600- or 700-pound human that should weigh 180 pounds.”

Sprinkles the fat cat

Sprinkles’ weight even caused a bit of an issue when the S.O.S. volunteers went to collect her. They had to put her in a dog crate and get some help carrying her up the stairs, according to Press of Atlantic City.

“We’re a bunch of old ladies. We had to get a young man to get her up the steps,” Olandt said.

A healthy weight for the 4-year-old tabby would be 10 pounds, which is 20 pounds less than her current obese state.

“She has the paws of a 9-pound cat and the body of a 33-pound cat,” Mary Devery, a board member with the Sea Isle City Cats, told the New York Daily News.

33-pound cat Sprinkles

Sprinkles also has other problems to overcome. When local sheriff’s deputies rescued the rotund cat, she suffered from a flea infestation, ear infection, and ear mites.

Fortunately, with her fleas and mites gone, and her ear infection being treated with antibiotics, things are looking up for this fat cat.

The rescue staff is also hopeful that she will lose a pound a month after being placed on a special diet of four small cans of Fancy Feast Classic a day. This means Sprinkles is looking at two full years on this eating plan to get down to her target weight.

“The vet doesn’t want her to lose weight too fast because it could affect her kidneys, and cause other problems,” Devery explained.

And, so that her skin doesn’t drag on the floor if she loses the weight, Olandt said the veterinarian even promised to throw in a pro bono tummy-tuck.

“She’s letting us clean the red, raw spots, and she’s so sweet. The lovingest, most precious cat,” Olandt told Phillymag. “She’s happy now. And she has a beautiful face, which I guess is what they say about fat girls.”

So, what’s next for the chubby cat? Hopefully, a responsible owner with a loving home.

“She’s sweet, sweet, sweet. I’ve never seen so many people broken-hearted and hopeful at the same time,” shared Olandt.

It is still not clear why Sprinkles was left alone in the house or how the tabby got so big – but if you wish to adopt her, here’s where you can apply.

[Image: Michael Ein/The Press of Atlantic City via AP/Phillymag]