Junkyard Prophet Angers School In Iowa

Dan Evon

Christian band Junkyard Prophet was supposed to play some music and talk about bullying during a visit to Dunkerton High School. Instead, Bradlee Dean and other members of the band used the stage to give their views on homosexuality, abortion, and told the female students that they should be submissive to their husbands.

School superintendent Jim Stanton said the group played an enjoyable concert that had "a very strong anti-violence, anti-drug, anti-alcohol" message, but after the concert the group went a little too far.

According to Opposing Views, Junkyard Prophet held "breakout sessions" after the performance. The band told the girls that they should be submissive to their husbands and that they should save themselves for marriage, and talked to the boys about homosexuality. The band reportedly told the students that gays die on average at the age of 42. Dean said:

"It's a destructive lifestyle... It's just the facts."

Stanton said:

(Junkyard Prophet expressed) an opinion about intolerance that's not in line with the beliefs of the Dunkerton Community Schools... We promote tolerance for one another. We will continue to celebrate diversity in our student body."
"We’re not here to change your values. We’re here to serve your values."

Here's a music video from Junkyard Prophet.