Is ‘Modern Family’ Ending? Sofia Vergara Talks About The Possibility

Throughout Sofia Vergara’s promotion for her new comedy Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon, the actress has proved to be an excellent viral sensation. That said, this shouldn’t be a surprise, as we already knew her comedic timing was impeccable due to her weekly presence on ABC’s hit show Modern Family.

However, are we losing Vergara from our television sets? The Modern Family star said it’s inevitable, even if she doesn’t know when. We don’t know if the end is near for Modern Family, but it does have to happen eventually. After all, the comedy series has gone on for six seasons. We can only assume that we’re more or less near the end of the show’s run.

It seems like Sofia Vergara feels that way as well. When she thinks about the inevitable, she admits that she becomes sad. “I do. We know the set. I know the character so well. Ed O’Neill is amazing. I’m going to be very sad.”

That said, it looks like Vergara is optimistic despite her sorrow, “There will always be repeats.”

Despite the series already being towards the end of its run, Modern Family’s Steve Levitan admitted to Deadline that he didn’t have a plan on how he would end the series.

“There is not really an end game. If we have the gut feeling that it’s time to stop, we will shut it down. I’d say 3-4 years from now is the best guess at this time.”

As for a Modern Family spinoff, that’s not completely out of the question either. “If we stumble upon a compelling character played by an actor that we feel can carry a show, we are open to the possibility.”

As for Vergara, her future looks bright after Modern Family. She’s already been taking on roles to further her film career, which is a smart thing to do while she has the stability of the show. Sofia hasn’t veered too far away from what she’s known for, which is comedy, and that’s another smart move because it’s now a familiar medium that viewers know her for. Those same loyal viewers will most likely follow her over to film if there’s at least a hint of familiarity to her outrageous fiery character Gloria.

[Image via ABC]