‘Super Smash Bros.’ Movie Could Be A Reality If Marvel Executive Gets His Way

A Super Smash Bros. movie is something most fans could never imagine, as Nintendo has always been very particular when it comes to the licensing of their properties. After some pretty terrible animated shows in the 90s, who could blame them? That doesn’t stop some big names from pursuing the option. Amid the myriad of leaks from Sony emails, it has been discovered that Sony Pictures has had discussions with Marvel executive Avi Arad about the possibilities of a Super Smash Bros. movie, as reported by the Guardian.

The leaks document a “five-year chase” for the rights of Super Smash. It has one wondering what Arad’s plans might consist of. Would he opt for individual movies for characters like the Mario Bros., Link, Zelda, or Samus Aran? Could he go the path of a single movie with the full license of Nintendo characters facing off against a single foe? The potential is there. Next to Disney’s cast of characters, Nintendo’s stable of intellectual properties may be the strongest. Who wouldn’t love to see a live-action Metroid movie?

How close has Arad come to securing the rights of a Super Smash Bros. movie? He certainly had the blessing of former Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal. The emails between Arad and Pascal contained cryptic references to Arad’s courting of the Smash Bros. title as late as July, 2014. In an email to Pascal, he made it clear that on his trip to Japan to meet with Nintendo executives, he had one goal in mind.

“I am going to try and bring back a little plumber. I guess we can all use our pipes cleaned.”

Besides the Super Smash Bros. movie, Arad also mentioned trying to secure the rights to the popular video game-turned-trading card game Pokemon. Unlike other Nintendo game exclusives, Pokemon has had success both overseas and in the United States with its animated show. Pokemon is currently airing its 18th season.

This isn’t the first rumor of Nintendo planning to increase the presence of one of their properties by using another medium. In February of this year, the Wall Street Journal references a possible deal with Netflix and Nintendo to bring a live-action version of The Legend of Zelda to the popular streaming service. In April, Nintendo CEO Saturo Iawata debunked the rumor.

Nintendo has stated they are looking at a number of different mediums. Could a Super Smash Bros. movie be one of them? They recently partnered with DeNA to bring Nintendo properties to mobile phones. What do you think? Is a Super Smash Bros. movie something you would be interested in seeing?