Young Dad Gets Massive Portrait Tattoo Of Infant Son On His Face, Shocks Family And Friends

Wallet photos are so overrated, well, as far as this proud new father from Texas is concerned. Instead of a pocket-sized picture to show off to his friends and family, he opted to get an enormous tattoo of his infant son’s face… on his left cheek.

Tattoo enthusiast, Christien Sechrist, 20, from Houston, shocked his family and friends with the huge black and white portrait of his son Perseus Allen Mitchell, which he got last July after almost losing him.

“Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me! Looks just like my son,” Sechrist wrote on Facebook.

Describing the photo as “awesome,” the young dad didn’t anticipate the reaction he got when he uploaded the photo.

“Is this a joke Christien?” one Facebook user wrote. “…Although it is a nice tat, you should have put it somewhere else,” said another.

“…I can see why you got it but I think the face was just a tad over the top,” another friend commented.

One Facebook friend wondered about Sechrist’s future employment prospects with the giant portrait masking his face.

“Why on your f*****g face?! How are you ever going to get a real f*****g job to support your son with a tattoo on your face?”

While another chimed in, “You don’t need a portrait of your child on your face to convince your love for him. It takes more than that.”

Responding to his naysayers, Sechrist wrote, “Well my son looked at it [and] smiled so that’s all I care about.”

new dad got huge tattoo of son on his face

The picture has been circulating the web since the start of the week after it appeared on Imgur.

And Reddit users shared their two cents, not just in Sechrist’s choice, but his tattoo artist Gibbs as well – who got called out for fulfilling such a “stupid” request.

“You’ve gotta have better judgment than that,” wrote one commenter about the artist.

The young dad, who is currently studying to become an electrician, told Buzzfeed that getting the tattoo has not affected his ability to keep a job, stating that for as long as he can remember he has always liked tattoos – and has no regrets about getting his face portrait, adding, he would gladly do it again.

Unfortunately, if Sechrist has another child, there’s not much space left on his face to add more ink, as on the other side he has a massive, brightly colored rose and skull, which trails from his skull to his face.

new dad got huge tattoo of son on his face

[Image: Christien Sechrist/Facebook]