Looting In Baltimore: Mondawmin Mall, CVS, Save-A-Lot Stores Looted, ATM Machine Ripped Out, Prescription Meds Strewn On The Ground [Videos]

Live coverage from ABC News of the Baltimore riots following the funeral of Freddie Gray has caused the #BaltimoreRiots hashtag to go viral on Twitter and become a trending topic. A continuing image that has been shown on TV is of a CVS store that has been set on fire, with reports that no customers or employees of the CVS store have been injured.

[Warning: The below looting videos may contain NSFW language.]

As reported by the Inquisitr, a state of emergency has been declared in Baltimore, so that the National Guard can come in and assist Baltimore police, especially in the wake of at least seven police officers being injured -- suffering broken bones due to rocks or other objects being thrown. One of those officers has been deemed "unresponsive," as President Obama has pledged federal support to help calm the situation.

There were reports of widespread looting at Mondawin Mall, with arrests being made, according to ABC News live coverage. Approximately two dozen officers stormed the mall, and looters began running in all directions.

During the ABC News coverage, a Save-A-Lot store on Pennsylvania Avenue was shown in the process of being looted, with many adults running in and out of side doors and the front doors, loading their cars with items and trying to hide their faces -- with some throwing objects at the ABC News reporter's car.A search for looting on Twitter unveils not only plenty of remarks about the process, but information about places like Mondawmin Mall being looted, along with previous ABC News video reports that displayed an ATM machine that had been ripped out, along with the sad sight of prescription medications and inhalers being strewn on the ground after the CVS had been looted. Firefighters wanted police protection prior to putting out the fire.Pundits are hopeful that the police are getting the upper hand on the looting situations, as the number of looting events bubble up. Having the ability to back up the police with support from the National Guard is a critical measure at this point.[Image via Twitter]