Woman Asks 100 Men For Sex, But How Many Said Yes?

It’s a situation that you’d think most men would gladly welcome: an attractive woman approaching them and then asking if they want sex. But what happens when that actually happens? How do most men respond?

Well, Whatever’s Andrea Wendel decided to conduct a social experiment asking just that question and approached 100 men on the streets of America asking if they wanted sex. She cleverly entitled her video, “Asking 100 Guys For Sex (Social Experiment),” and you can see how it all unfolded below.

So what were the final results? Well, 30 men agreed to Andrea’s immediate indecent proposal, while 70 others declined and instead insisted that they were either in a relationship or were were just left completely flabbergasted by the question.

Andrea, who appeared to film her proposition on different days and in numerous locations because openly asking men for coitus in one place would probably severely affect her reputation, started off rather successfully. Five of the first ten people she asked actually said yes. She then proceeded to try and freak out several of the individuals who did agree to her question.

One even remarked that he needed to get a bottle of Gatorade before he proceeded, while another not only rejected her by then gave her a detailed explanation for why he was turning her down. He remarked, “It’s a very weird proposition. That’s very strange. Plus I think that’s stepping out of regular social conventions.” One man also told her, “You’re kidding right? What’s wrong with you?”

It’s clear that the clip struck quite a chord with the internet, because after being posted online on April 20, it soon went viral and has since been viewed over 3.9 million times.

This isn’t the film time that Whatever has conducted such a social experiment. Their previous results for the videos, “Guy Asks 100 Girls For Sex,” saw no women accept his demand, while when he asked 200 people, two did actually accept. However, one of these was admittedly a prostitute.

When a girl asked 14 guys for sex, seven of them accepted, while the European version of this social experiment saw seven guys out of eight say yes.

Andrea did have some loose rules for her effort though, as she prefixed the clip with, “In this video I’m going to be asking 100 guys for sex. But this time no group and no couples.”

If you’re interested in keeping up with Andrea Wendel’s exploits, the next video teased that she will be asking the same question to girls.

[Image via YouTube]