Google Webmaster Tools Launches Search Analytics Report

Thousands of company websites have been living off of Google Webmaster Tools over the last few weeks as they work to make their website more mobile friendly following what web masters are calling mobilegeddon. With the aftermath, websites are scrambling to fix up their websites, as reported earlier on the Inquistr. Many major companies have fared well with the change, while others, mostly small businesses, are falling behind. In an effort to continue helping websites stay within the parameters of the algorithm, Google Webmaster Tools has launched a Search Analytics report tool.

The original report tool was actually introduced a few months ago and was known as the Search Impact report, and before that it was the Search Queries report, according to Search Engine Land.

Google ultimately replaced the Search Queries report with the Search Analytics report for those users who have been beta testing it.”

Recently, Google renamed the tool in honor of the many upgrades it has received to make the tool more useful than ever.

This announcement comes straight to us from Zineb Ait Bahajji of Google who posted on her Google + account.

“We’ve made the new Search Analytics report available to a random sample of our users.”

“Some of you might notice that they now have access to it in their Google Webmaster Tools account, under Search Traffic in the left navigational menu. If you’re among the new testers, I hope you’ll enjoy using the report. Let us know what you think in the comments.”

Immediately following the notice, she warned users that the data will be a little slow at first, but it will speed up eventually.

She says, “the new report currently has less than 90 days of data, but it will catch up in the next few days.”

Many of you may remember the Search Queries report within Google Webmaster Tools. The Search Analytics report is similar, but with new and improved features. The ultimate purpose is to help you analyze and understand how your site is performing in Google search results with data regarding clicks, impressions, CTR, and your average position. You can also compare metrics using dates, queries, pages, countries, devices, and search property.

This tool is extremely useful for perfecting websites for online marketing. This blog post from Magicdust, an online marketing company, explains the perks of using Google Webmaster Tools.

“You can easily use Google Analytics to set up both goal based analytics and also measure your bounce rate from specific pages, including your new or existing landing pages.”

To test out this tool for yourself, go ahead and get onto your Google Webmaster Tools account and check out their updated analysis tool. Based on this information, it should be far superior to the original.

[Image via Cranked SEO]