First Lady Michelle Obama Wears Curly Hair For The First Time

No matter what the First Lady of the United States does, it makes news. People take notice whether it is her dancing, fashions, or a new hairstyle. According to Hollywood Life, people are talking about Michelle Obama wearing a head full of curls for the first time since she has been in the White House. She wore her hair in tight curls for the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C., last Saturday, April 25.

Us Weekly said the first lady usually wears her hair slick and straight, but on Saturday she switched up her usual routine by wearing curls. She wore a beautiful metallic silver sleeveless Zac Posen dress and alluring teardrop earrings. However, it was her hair that got most of the attention.

Mrs. Obama wore her medium-length hair in tight spiral curls with a side part. It’s a different look compared to her signature straight bob, but it’s a style that she wears well.

Throughout her more than eight years in the spotlight, Michelle Obama’s hair has been the subject of discussion, praise, and criticism. It became a trending subject for a while when she wore bangs in 2013. Now, her hairstyle is in the news again because of curls all over her head.

Michelle Obama Wears Bangs in 2013

When it comes to fashions and hairstyles, we never know what the first lady will do next. What we do know it that people will be talking about it.

We have seen the first lady in a range of hairstyles, but she usually wears it bone straight or with only the ends curled. For the politics-meets-pop-culture event last Saturday, Michelle went with a brand new look with layers and layers of tight curls.

First Lady Michelle Obama Wear Curly Hair For The First Time

People didn’t stop with comments about her curly hair. They also commented about her eyebrows and berry red lipstick. Her makeup was done by Carl Ray, who posted a picture of the finished product on his Instagram page.

Most people loved the first lady’s curly hair, and they were not ashamed to say so. Social media is full of favorable comments about Michelle’s hair and how it made her look.

Mrs. Obama probably had her hair done in curls just for that one time event. More than likely, she will go back to her straight locks until her next formal event. In the meantime, she appreciates all the wonderful comments.

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