‘Good Wife’ Spoilers: Is Kalinda Sharma Really Gone For Good?

Have viewers really seen the last of Kalinda Sharma this season on The Good Wife? That is certainly how things looked on Sunday night’s episode, and fans have known for some time now that Archie Panjabi was leaving the role by the end of Season 6. However, Good Wife spoilers tease there may be a little more regarding Kalinda yet to come.

On the one hand, Kalinda seemingly made her exit during Sunday’s show, as Sharma set up Lemond Bishop to be arrested, cleared out her apartment, and left a note for Alicia Florrick. Many viewers felt that the final scene with Panjabi seemed to show Archie looking right at the viewers as she said farewell. However, as was previously reported by the Inquisitr, the showrunners seemed to tease that the character of Kalinda would still be present all the way through the Season 6 finale, set to air on May 10.

Producer Michelle King now teases a Good Wife spoiler that viewers will see Kalinda again yet this season. However, King’s tease via Entertainment Weekly doesn’t exactly go into specifics. The door is left open, as it’s not known whether Kalinda will be seen in the present or via some kind of flashforward or flashback.

King simply tells EW, “Yes. We will see her” when asked if Sharma will appear in the finale.

Executive producer Robert King does reveal a tiny bit more in terms of Good Wife spoilers. He adds that viewers will get a lot of answers regarding the character of Kalinda Sharma in the finale. However, it sounds as if the writers have something up their sleeves in terms of a cliffhanger or reason to believe there is more yet to come regarding Kalinda.

The Good Wife spoiler teases for the final two episodes via TV Guide lay the groundwork. The May 3 episode is titled “Don’t Fail,” and it seems Alicia will look back on a case she handled in her early lawyer days. The May 10 finale involves one of Alicia’s clients calling to share he’s being held in a secret detention center.

Based on the episode descriptions, it’s not clear where and how Kalinda fits in before the season wraps. However, and to the relief of fans, it does seem that the door is being left open. Though Panjabi is leaving the show to pursue new projects, further involvement with The Good Wife does seem to be a possibility.

Robert King teases that the May 10 show “answers the question of Kalinda for the year,” and he adds that the episode leaves a bit of mystery and teasers that there may be more yet to be managed regarding Kalinda. How does it all end? Tune in to the final two episodes of The Good Wife Season 6 airing on May 3 and May 10 to see just how it all plays out.

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