Brian Williams Gets Flack For 10 Fibs While 1,000 Doctors Say ‘Quack’ Dr. Mehmet Oz Should Resign

Brian Williams and Dr. Mehmet Oz may not seem to have much in common. However, the famous news personality and equally famous TV talk show physician both are under fire and hoping that their reputations can survive the repeated attacks that could threaten their careers. For Williams, new reports of 10 egregious embellishments are making it look as if the odds of him returning to the prestigious post as NBC Nightly News anchor are diminishing faster than proof that Dr. Oz’s “miracle” weight loss supplements actually work.

Sources revealed that as NBC completes its internal investigation, a growing number of public statements have been found in which Brian stretched the truth, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Williams was officially suspended as of February 11 when NBC management admitted that he had lied about his presence in a helicopter hit by a grenade in 2003 during the United States’ invasion of Iraq. But his problems only began as more reports found that Brian either lied or exaggerated.

When will a decision be made? Not until the investigation, which could last at least five weeks, is completed, said a source. During that period, Brian can offer no defense or response, per the suspension agreement.

In determining whether to forgive and forget, NBC faces several considerations. First, the question of how allowing Brian to return would affect his staff’s morale. Second, the concern about replacing Lester Holt, who’s been keeping Brian’s seat warm. Holt has made history as the first African-American network evening news anchor.

In all, NBC News determined that Brian stretched the truth more than 10 times, reported MSN.

Among those charges, he claimed that he sat and watched rockets soar below an Israel helicopter, followed by a contradictory blog. Another questionable claim from Williams had to do with Arab Spring uprisings.

While Williams awaits his fate and gets more flack, Dr. Oz is dealing with claims that he is a quack, with 1,000 physicans calling for his resignation from his current position at Columbia, reported Live Science.

The poll revealing those numbers follows a letter from 10 doctors demanding that the Dr. Oz Show host resign. In their missive, they charged Dr. Oz with encouraging his viewers to use products and treatments that lacked sufficient research.

Of the poll of 1,300 doctors, 735 doctors (57 percent) wanted him to resign. Fifty doctors (4 percent) went even further, demanding that he have his medical license revoked. In addition, 280 doctors (22 percent) believed that Dr. Oz should lose his license and his position.

Only 18 percent said that they respected the TV talk show physician.

In their letter, the physicians also attacked Dr. Oz’s continued campaign to have genetically modified foods labeled. However, they were harshest about his touting of products such as weight loss supplements.

“Worst of all, he has manifested an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain,” wrote the physicians.

As the Inquisitr reported, Dr. Oz defended himself against the charges, contending that he seeks to give his audience alternative viewpoints.

What do you think about Brian Williams and Dr. Oz? Should Williams return, and should Oz resign? Post your comments below.

[Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]