‘GTA Online’ – Some Tips For Staying Alive And Keeping Your Money

GTA Online is quite possibly one of the best online experiences in a game to date. The massive sandbox of the singleplayer is open to those who would rather play with friends, giving players a chance to go on jobs, race, parachute, and even coordinate on the newly released heists together to make some money.

But for those who are playing GTA Online when their normal crew is offline, you might find yourself on a server with some pretty aggressive players. Not every GTA Online session is created equal, and while some might be relatively quiet, other sessions might have you listening to the drone of machine gun fire and explosions constantly in the background. Here are some tips for those who want to play online, but also stay alive.

Never Hold A Lot of Money

GTA Online lets you attack – or be attacked – by other players. This means if you’re holding more that $5K on you, it’s fair game for the victor of your gun fight to claim as spoils. Simple answer for the GTA Online uninitiated? Bank your cash. Make it a habit whenever you score a huge payday to visit an ATM. In fact, the handy mobile phone your character carries will allow you to deposit your money via the internet app. Simply visit the Maze Bank page and deposit your money. It can still be spent, but is safe from aggressive players.

Play In Passive Mode

Just want to roam around Los Santos on your bicycle, taking in the sights? GTA Online has a mode for the more passive player, aptly named “Passive Mode.” Simply go to your quick start menu and “enable” passive mode. This makes it so you can’t be killed by opposing players. Beware though, it also disables your weapon wheel, so if you are attacked by NPCs, you can’t defend yourself. Double-edged sword.

GTA V Online Menu Screen
The different ways you can play GTA Online.

Launch A Closed-Session

Don’t want to deal with those you don’t know, but still want to play GTA Online? Easily done. From the single player game you can launch GTA Online in a solo, friends-only, or closed crew session, limiting your chances of meeting hostile players you don’t know. You might still need to worry about a stray rocket from a friend taking out your plane over San Andreas, but at least you know (or hope) it was an accident. This also gives your friends a safe haven from the other types of GTA Online players you might encounter as well, enhancing everyone’s experience. Just remember to bank your cash.

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[Image via Rockstar Games]