Woman In Trunk: Cops Called By Woman Who Was Put In Car Trunk By Gunman

A woman locked in a trunk was able to call cops using her cell phone after a gunman abandoned the car she was in. According to the New York Daily News, the woman was in her car at a shopping center in Loveland, Colorado, when a man with a gun demanded she drive him to the foothills. When they got to Estes Park, the gunman ordered the woman to pull over. He then got out of the car, got her into the trunk, and took off (likely on foot).

The woman got out her cell phone and frantically called 911. She couldn’t tell the dispatcher where she was exactly, because she didn’t really know. She said that she was locked in the trunk and asked if there was any way that she could get out. Fortunately, police arrived a short time later, found the car keys nearby, and rescued the woman.

The woman got out of the trunk and told cops what happened.

“I went to get some dinner… and someone came up to me and he had a gun,” she said. Although she was left uninjured, she was understandably shaken up by what had happened. Much of the 911 call (which you can hear in the video above) involved her crying, clearly frightened for her life.

According to ABC News, officers have not identified a suspect. They searched the area, but were unable to come up with anything. The woman couldn’t give a proper description of the man either, so the police have very little to go on at this point. Police are still working on this case and are hoping to find out who was responsible for this kidnapping. It is unclear why the gunman took the woman for a ride, and then abandoned her; a motive is still unknown.

A woman found dead in a trunk by cops in Wyoming made headlines last summer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a pregnant woman named Brooke Slocum, 18, was found in the trunk of a car belonging to Brady Oestrike, 31, who was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police were unsure of a motive at the time, but did say that Brooke and Brady met via Craigslist. Days earlier, Brooke’s boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, was found dead in a park. It was presumed that the deaths were connected, but police didn’t release any further information at the time of the report.

[Photo courtesy of ABC News video]