‘GTA V’ Modders Give PC Players Unique Experiences

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto V is a fabulous game in its own right. But what if a section of the player-base can take a great game and make it more unique? That’s exactly what modders are doing to GTA V right now.

While Rockstar hasn’t officially acknowledged the modding community, unlike Bethesda and other developers do with their games, GTA V will undoubtedly have just as ravenous, if not more so, a modding base like GTA IV before. Some of the mods, which the Inquisitr detailed in a previous report, do simple things such as changing the saturation, adding snow or the ability to play as a chicken.

These mods, in addition to newly released ones, give PC players an experience not found on the other platforms with GTA V. A while back, the Inquisitr published an op-ed stating that GTA V mods will enhance player experience. Not only does that hold true, but the mods also give Grand Theft Auto players a chance to do things other GTA players just simply can’t do.

Ever wanted to go back and explore North Yankton from the tutorial? Now you can, thanks to a couple of PC players. The mod allows players to go and explore the frozen wastes of North Dakota whenever they’d like, simply by using a teleported at the bottom of the map in GTA V.

Not satisfied? Well, what if you could have GTA V with whales falling from the sky to remind yourself you’re in a video game? Well, that’s a thing now. Thanks to a video by YouTuber Merfish, players can now start clogging up streets, highways, balconies or whatever tickles your fancy in GTA V with what Merfish calls a “truly majestic creature.”

For those looking into installing said mods, GTA 5-Mods has the “Script Hook + Native Trainer” program needed to install the mod files. Note that GTA V mods aren’t officially supported by Rockstar and there for should be installed at your own risk. Also, mods shouldn’t be used in GTA V’s wildly popular GTA Online mode as it could result in violating your terms of service.

Again, these experiences are unique to the PC platform, and will continue to add flavor to the already amazing GTA V experience. The creativity and imagination of GTA V modders will continue to push for more unique gameplay additions down the road, especially as modding GTA V becomes a bit more accessible.

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[Image via Merfish, captured from YouTube]