Hannah Wilson, Murdered Indiana University Student, Remembered By Thousands At Vigils

Hannah Wilson, an Indiana University student who was found murdered Friday, was remembered at a several vigils over the weekend by people across central Indiana, according to local news station, WTHR Channel 13.

Hannah Wilson, 22, was found dead Friday in Brown County after going missing earlier in the week and is believed to have died from blunt-force trauma, according to the coroner.

“She was hit with something and suffered several blows to the head. There were also bruises on her hands and arms.”

Fox 59 reports that students gathered at a vigil Saturday at Alumni Hall in Bloomington to remember Hannah Wilson.

Dean of Students Harold “Pete” Goldsmith spoke of the impact of community in this time of tragedy, noting the thousands who turned up to remember Hannah Wilson.

“This is a tragedy by any stretch, so I think what we’re trying to do is to make sure people have support. It’s obvious that this is a caring community. I think people cared about her, and showed up in great numbers. I think it speaks to the Greek community and how they care for each other.”

Friends and family spoke of their loss at a second vigil at Indiana Elite Cheer in Noblesville Saturday, where Hannah Wilson was a part of a competitive cheer team growing up.

Hannah Wilson’s friend, Annie Sarno, said she missed her friend terribly.

“Hannah had an infectious smile and laugh. You couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She had these blue eyes that were just crystal clear. I just want to hear her laugh one more time.”

Another friend, Abby King, spoke of her cheerleading skills and her beautiful smile.

“She was so good at cheerleading. She was so good. Everyone wanted to be Hannah Wilson. Everyone wanted to have her tumbling. Everyone wanted her smile. Her laugh.”

Indiana University’s annual Little 500 was the scene for a pre-race ceremony paying tribute to Hannah Wilson on Sunday. Riders in the race wore wristbands in her memory.

Mystery surrounds the murder, although a 49-year-old Bloomington man, Daniel E. Messel, is being held on a preliminary murder charge in connection with Hannah Wilson’s death. However, no motive is apparent in the alleged murder and no murder weapon has been recovered.