'Girl Meets World' Sneak Peek: Eric, Feeny And Shawn Are Back!

Girl Meets World Season 2 begins in just a couple short weeks, and the new trailer for the season is amazing, mostly because the gang is back together again. That's right, fans. Not only are Cory and Topanga's wonderfully wacky family back for more life lessons, but Shawn Hunter is set to return as well, and he's bringing Mr. Feeny and Cory's hilarious big brother, Eric Matthews, with him.

According to Time, Season 2 of Girl Meets World is going to be bigger than ever. The kids will love the new season, and, of course, their parents, who watched Boy Meets World every Friday of their adolescent lives, will love it as well. In the new preview, Riley and Maya are excited for the new school year, mostly because they don't want to have Cory as their teacher. However, they'll find themselves feeling out of place with another teacher at the head of the class.

Meanwhile, Cory, Topanga, Eric, and Shawn will be causing trouble yet again when they take Riley and Maya back to Philadelphia to retrieve something they left behind at Mr. Feeny's house, and the reunion is sure to be epic.

However, it is the return of Eric Matthews that has everyone talking. In the trailer, Eric is seen coming into Cory and Topanga's New York home with a long beard, long hair and tattered clothing; the same outfit he wore in a Boy Meets World episode that flashed into the future where Eric revealed his new name was "Plays With Squirrels," and he was married to a moose.

Fans are so excited to see Cory and Eric interact, as well as find out what in the world the oldest Matthews brother has been doing with himself. Is he married? Does he have children? All will be revealed in Girl Meets World Season 2; at least we hope it will.

However, Season 2 won't stop with bringing back Eric, Shawn, and Feeny. E! Online reports that Shawn's former love, Angela, will also be seen during the season, as well as the spirit of his dead father, Chet, whom he always relied on for comfort and advice after his death.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actor Rider Strong, who plays fan favorite Shawn Hunter, will be making many more appearances on the show. Strong has been bumped up to a series semi-regular character, which fans are thrilled about, mostly because many are still rooting for Shawn to get together with Maya's mother, Katie, and become her father!

Fans can watch the show when it debuts a full week of premieres on Disney Channel staring May 11.

What are your thoughts on Girl Meets World bringing back Eric, Shawn, and Mr. Feeny in Season 2?

[Photo Credit: Twitter/Disney]