Paralyzed Bride Has Baby: ‘Most Beautiful Gift’ Welcomed By Paralyzed Bride Via Surrogate

A paralyzed bride welcomed a baby via surrogate, and the news has gone viral. According to Today, Rachelle Friedman Chapman is a mom.

Chapman made news five years ago when a freak accident left her paralyzed from below her collarbone down. She was at her bachelorette party when her best friend pushed her into a swimming pool — something that has been done millions of times. Chapman hit her head, however, and lost feeling in her body.

One of the first questions she asked was whether or not she’d still be able to have kids.

“I knew I was paralyzed and the first thing I asked the paramedics was whether I could have kids. I was ecstatic when they said yes.”

While she was told that she could still carry her own baby, Chapman and her husband, Chris, decided it would be best to have a surrogate carry their child because of a potential complication involving blood pressure medication that Chapman needed. A college friend, Laurel Humes, came forward, and offered her help.

The paralyzed bride (as she is known) now has a baby, and her dreams of becoming a mother have come true. Baby Kaylee was born over the weekend, according to Chapman’s Facebook page.

“Everyone!!! Meet Kaylee Rae Chapman born at 10:48 after under 3 hours of labor!! Laurel did amazing and is resting after some hard work. Thank you for the most beautiful gift we will ever receive!”

Paralyzed bride baby
Rachelle and Kaylee

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Chapman’s story has gotten the attention of TLC, and the couple has inked a deal with the network for their very own reality television series. The show will chronicle their lives as first time parents and will feature the joys as well as the struggles as Rachelle, Chris, and Kaylee go on this new journey together as a family.

According to People Magazine, the filming for the new show is currently underway. An official date for the show’s premiere is unknown, but it is presumed that it will air some time in the fall. And while this experience is going to be personal, and tough at times, it’s something that Chapman wants to share with the world.

“People think as a quadriplegic I can’t move anything, that’s not true. This is mostly about educating people about parenthood, what I’m capable of, what it’s like to have a spinal cord injury and our relationship. There’s a lot I can do and I want people to see that.”

[Photos via Facebook]