Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Here Is Who Adrian Peterson Will Play For In 2015 If He Is Traded

The 2015 NFL Draft is less than a week away and everyone just wants to know where running back Adrian Peterson will end up playing for the 2015 season. Well, the experts think they know and they’ve now revealed who can afford him and what uniform he’s going to put on when all the talking is done. Will it be the Dallas Cowboys?

NFL has now come out and said that Peterson is going to be playing for the Minnesota Vikings in 2015 or he’s not going to be playing at all. To take things a step further, insider Ian Rapoport states that the Dallas Cowboys are officially out of the running for Peterson.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports feels the same way, and he says that the main reason that Peterson won’t be with the Cowboys in 2015 is the asking price. The Vikings want too much for the 30-year-old running back and Dallas isn’t giving up the farm for him.

There are two viewpoints in play here.

1. The teams that Adrian Peterson wants to play for.
2. The teams willing to pay the price to acquire Adrian Peterson.

Dallas does NOT fall into that second category, a Cowboys source told Yahoo Sports. And it goes further. As it stands, Dallas has not even spoken with Minnesota regarding Peterson. Let that sink in: As of the start of draft week, the Cowboys have not spoken to Minnesota about Adrian Peterson, let alone made any trade offers. Anything stating the contrary is mythology.

Would Peterson love to play in Dallas? Yes. Is the Cowboys’ brain trust (or even team owner Jerry Jones) willing to part with the draft compensation and money it would take to land Peterson? As of the beginning of draft week, the answer is an absolute no.

As of a week ago, there were six teams reportedly in the running to trade for Adrian Peterson, and that included the Dallas Cowboys. Now, it appears as if many don’t feel he will be traded at all.

The Arizona Cardinals are now the one team believed to have an outside chance of landing Peterson if the Vikings trade him. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars have even slimmer chances, but the Cards may have a shot.

If a deal happens, it is likely to come on Friday, which is day two of the 2015 NFL Draft. It would have the Cardinals sending a second round pick to the Vikings and likely a starter or another player.

Do the Dallas Cowboys have any shot at trading for Adrian Peterson? There is always an outside chance of anything happening in the NFL, but with the draft approaching, it seems less and less likely the Peterson will have a star on his helmet in 2015.

[Image via Sports World]