Dave Chappelle Booed During Disastrous ‘Drunk’ Detroit Performance, Fans Demand Refund

Dave Chappelle’s performance Thursday evening was apparently so disastrous that those in attendance are demanding refunds for the show.

Chappelle’s Detroit gig at the Fillmore Theater on Thursday night reportedly saw the 41-year-old slur his words throughout his two-hour set, and people soon alleged that he was intoxicated.

TMZ have since found video of the performance, which they have called “a drunken catastrophe.” Chappelle reportedly arrived on stage around an hour late, which was because the crowd was being seated.

However when he arrived on stage the show descended into a farce. Fans have insisted that Chappelle hardly told any jokes, and instead simply sat, smoked, and mumbled to himself, all while slurring.

The aforementioned video even features a member of the audience yelling at Chappelle, “Let’s hear some of the act.” Chappelle responded to the heckle with, “Well, sir, it’s a little late for that. Right now I’ve gotta get off the stage because it’s 2:00 in the morning.” At this point members of the crowd took it upon themselves to remind Chappelle that it was actually only 1 AM.

But it wasn’t just one fan who was left disappointed with Chappelle’s work. Soon after his performance had concluded the internet was awash with complaints from fans who had spent between $50 and $240 on the tickets.

One called it “a waste of time and money” while another insisted that it was “more like a press conference.”

One commentator took to the theater’s Facebook page to write, “Horrible, don’t go. Second show last night was ridiculous. Walked out. Did not get what I paid for… refunds please.” While another user remarked, “Can we get a refund… was at the 2nd show and he was wasted.”

However even though fans are requesting a refund, a spokesperson for the Filmore Theater insisted that they are not responsible for Chappelle’s content and they would not be able to give people their money back.

A representative for Dave Chappelle admitted that Thursday night’s show wasn’t his best, however they revealed that it did provide him with new material for his Friday show.

“Out of the 50 shows on the tour, Thursday was definitely not his best set. On the flip side, the incident inspired some additional sharp-witted material and (Friday) he came back with a vengeance,” they explained. The Detroit News also insisted that Chappelle was “cool and calm” at the first of his two sold-out shows on Friday evening.

[Image via Jeweell]