A Family Divided: Bobby Brown Seeks Guardianship Of Bobbi Kristina's Estate

In the wake of the happy news that Bobbi Kristina Brown has finally awakened from the medically induced coma that held her unconscious for nearly three months, there seems to be some confusion as to the severity of her state of health. Bobby Brown remains optimistic, while his ex-mother-in-law, Cissy Houston, has taken more of a grim outlook. It seems the family is divided, and a greater rift may lie on the horizon.

Bobby Brown is seeking guardianship of the estate of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobbi Kristina is the sole heir of Whitney Houston's fortune, but now that she is incapacitated herself, who will control the release of funding to pay for her hospital bills and extensive rehabilitation? Who will make medical decisions for Krissi? Up until now, Bobby Brown has had complete control over her medical needs. Bobbi Kristina's aunt, Pat Houston, is the executor of Whitney Houston's estate.

Bobby Brown and the Houston family have a history of tense relations, but have come together to pray for and support Bobbi Kristina Brown in her time of need. It remains to be seen if the new unity will last, or if the move by Bobby Brown to gain guardianship of the estate is the first battle in a full on war.

According to the Inquisitr,Bobbi Kristina inherited a reported $20 million estate from her mother. It would make sense for one person to control both the medical decisions and the money flow, but with different people from opposite sides of the family in charge of half of two equally important things, it could spell trouble for the family.

An unnamed source tells Hollywood Life that Cissy Houston is devastated by the apparent good news Bobby Brown is spreading regarding his daughter's return to consciousness.

"Bobby saying Bobbi Kristina is awake is something we all wish for and want to be true but Bobby's hurting Whitney [Houston]'s side of the family, especially the elders, with false signs of hope. It killed Cissy to see Bobbi lying in that hospital bed lifeless. It nearly destroyed her. It was beyond excruciating for Cissy to sit and listen to doctors tell her that her granddaughter wasn't going to make it."

"It took her months of searching her soul and finding comfort in letting go of Bobbi after knowing there was nothing doctors could do. She's finally in that place and Bobby is now saying she's awake. Cissy can't go through the ups and downs with this. Not again. She's old and doesn't have enough fight in her to go through one more emotional roller coaster."

It is evident that, although Bobbi Kristina has improved, her condition is still very serious. Bobby Brown and Cissy Houston obviously have two greatly opposing perceptions of the situation.

Who do you think should govern Bobbi Kristina Brown's future? Should Bobby Brown be granted guardianship?

[Image via Celebrity Gossip]