Katie Hamilton ‘RHOC’ Divorce Update: Restraining Order Reveals ‘Danger’

Katie Hamilton has yet to make her Real Housewives of Orange County debut, but already, she and her husband, baseball player Josh Hamilton have been making headlines left and right.

In the latest report, via Radar Online on April 27, court documents are exposed, revealing Katie Hamilton filed for a restraining order against her husband nearly 10 years ago, claiming he once chased her with a hammer while she was pregnant with one of their four children.

In the documents, filed in 2005, Katie Hamilton alleged she and her newborn daughter were in “serious danger.”

“He has put us in danger – having drugs in our home… broken in home – damaged door … broken glass.”

Katie Hamilton’s husband even used a “hammer trying to gain access into vehicle for money.”

Katie Hamilton also accused Josh of “chasing [her] with a hammer when she was pregnant” and “spending a great deal of money on drugs.”

“Defendant has been erratic in his behavior. [He] has scared plaintiff and has broken into the house.”

At the time, Katie Hamilton requested possession of her and Josh’s 2005 Toyota Sequioa, temporary custody of their daughter Sierra, child support, and temporary alimony. Katie Hamilton also requested Josh be unable to possess or purchase a firearm.

During court, a judge ruled Josh had “committed acts of domestic violence” against Katie Hamilton, and he was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the new reality star and their daughter. One year later, however, Katie Hamilton requested the order be lifted, claiming her husband “has been clean and sober for three months and has moved to Florida.”

At that point, Katie Hamilton and Josh got back together, but in the years since, his battle with drug addiction has continued to play out publicly.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Katie Hamilton’s husband allegedly relapsed earlier this year, and a short time later, filed for divorce. On April 18, The Dallas Morning News confirmed Josh’s filing, revealing he had a whopping 32 petitions within his paperwork. Below are a number of his requests.

“Prohibit her from using the Maserati and 1972 Chevrolet Blazer in his possession; prohibit her from ‘hiding’ the children from him; prohibit her from making disparaging remarks against him or his family; prohibit someone who has an intimate relationship with her from staying in the same home as the children overnight.”

Katie Hamilton will be seen on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, when the series premieres on June 1.

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