WWE News: Huge Praise For Who Is Really Behind WWE NXT Female Training These Days

WWE NXT has been amazing the last year or so. Every show has delivered, and the NXT Specials have brought us a lot of fun, great wrestling. One thing that has massively stood out in NXT is how great the Diva matches are. We’ve seen Diva matches not only main event NXT, but they’ve also been as good or better than the male matches. This is something you don’t see a lot in major pro-wrestling promotions today. Which has made NXT a great program.

Many have wondered, who is behind the training of the new generation of WWE Divas in the company today?

At one point, Goldust was the man in charge of helping the divas out. However, WWE then brought in one of the best Indy females in the world named Sara Del Rey. Many thought she’d be wrestling, but instead she was brought in strictly to train. This has worked out quite well.

Sara has trained every NXT female we see today, and some who have made it to the main roster such as Paige. However, all of the girls like Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley can all say that Del Rey was clearly the one who helped them become great today.

Charlotte mentioned in an interview during WrestleMania weekend that Sara Del Rey is the reason she is as good as she is today. Despite being the daughter of Ric Flair, she came into WWE with no experience in wrestling and Del Rey had to train her like a novice. She did just that and now we see Charlotte as one of the best wrestlers in the company.

Finally, it appears WWE is wanting to recognize how good Del Rey has been.

Sara Del Rey

Vice interviewed her and she basically led us to knowing what got her started and how she managed to get into WWE.

“Daniel Bryan trained me a long time ago. That’s how I got my foot in the door. Training has always been my one true passion; it’s what I really love about pro wrestling. I thought I had unique experiences and perspectives to share with the women in NXT. WWE agreed, and here I am.”

Her passion has turned into a huge reality for her too. As she has been able to give us something special with the ladies. This is something that WWE has not been able to truly give us in over a decade.

Triple H had kind words to say about her as well, even on Twitter.

“Sara Del Rey is a phenomenal asset to @WWENXT and @WWEPerformCtr. She is molding the next generation of women in @WWE

WWE finally has a trainer who can make the ladies worth watching, which is amazing to see. The whole #GiveDivasAChance thing really started because fans saw how ladies were treated in NXT. So many thought that if the NXT women could do this, why can’t the main roster women? We have since seen some great matches on the main roster. However, none have compared to NXT just yet.

We could very well see main roster material better than NXT sooner rather than later, but that will only be because the NXT girls have been called up. Then a new flock of women will come in and get trained by Del Rey and others.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com]