‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Talks Sobriety, ‘RHOBH’ Fans On ‘Dr. Phil’

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Kim Richards spoke to Dr. Phil McGraw about her April 16 arrest in a new interview. During their chat, the reality star opened up about how the show has impacted her sobriety, and claimed she wasn’t using during Season 5.

According to an April 27 report by the Orlando Sentinel, being on the show had a negative impact on the Real Housewives star.

“I have been sober. I haven’t been working a program. Living through this season on the show, sometimes it’s hard enough to get through it.”

During the Real Housewives‘ recently aired fifth season, Richards was confronted by her co-stars about her sobriety, and about what she was doing to ensure she stay sober. While talking to Lisa Rinna, Richards was encouraged to get help, but said she didn’t need it. At the time, Richards acted as if Rinna was out of line in bringing up the issue, but now, it appears Rinna was on to something.

Richards continued on, saying that the fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been especially hard on her on social media.

“The fans are very hard on me, and I went on Twitter to see what people were saying and it was just horrible.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Real Housewives fans are reportedly demanding Richards be fired from the show. On April 21, LALATE claimed fans had contacted NBC and Andy Cohen, creator of the Real Housewives franchise in hopes of encouraging those in charge to do the right thing for Richards’ health.

Below are several comments from fans in regard to Richards’ future with the Real Housewives:

“Can you please fire Kim Richards now?”

“Kim Richards is destroying the RHOBH franchise with her irrational and vicious mood disorders. For the sake of the show, fire her.”

“You need to either let Kim Richards go (fire her) or keep her off the show for a while to give her time to REALLY clean up her act! “

“Nothing about watching Kim Richards’ life implode is fun, Bravotv. Fire her, hope she gets help and move on.”

At this point, Richards’ future with the show is unclear. However, one would think that after admitting the Real Housewives‘ negative affect on her and her sobriety, Richards would not want to return for the show’s upcoming sixth season.

For more of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, tune into tomorrow’s episode of Dr. Phil.

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