John Kasich: Ohio Governor Not Interested In Being Veep, May Run For President

Tara Dodrill

John Kasich is not interested in being the vice president, but is considering a run for the Oval Office. The Ohio Governor discussed his possible presidency campaign plan with CNN on Sunday morning. Kasich will make a decision about running for president after he thoroughly reviews his chances of success and fundraising options.

"If I should be successful in raising sort of that seed money, then I think the next step is to see if people like what I have to say. I've taken another big step, for me, which is to create a political organization to begin to accumulate more resources so I can travel more robustly and begin to think about infrastructure," John Kasich said during the State of the Union CNN interview.

The Ohio Governor also said that a "lack of resources or a consideration that I wouldn't win," would be deciding factors in his possible presidential bid. During the same interview, Kasich revealed that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, also a Republican, is considering throwing his hat in the ring as well.

On Thursday evening, Governor Snyder reportedly attended a private dinner at the home of Las Vegas Sands owner Sheldon Adelson. The casino owner, a substantial GOP donor, is the host of the annual Republican Jewish Coalition meeting at the Venetian Resort Hotel. Snyder reportedly "made a presentation" at the organization's board meeting on Friday.

Republican political heavy-weights who also reportedly made a trip to Las Vegas to meet with Sheldon Adelson include former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz. Former President George W. Bush also attended the dinner as a reported representative of his brother and former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. President Bush spoke to the crowd assembled for the Republican Jewish Coalition on Saturday evening.

Governor Kasich addressed Wall Street greed and shared his thoughts about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the CNN Sunday news show. Kasich said that Hillary Clinton would be a "formidable" candidate in Ohio and added that both Democrats and Republicans share some of the same concerns about the nation's woes and want solutions to fix the problems.

"This not like, 'Well, let me try, if it doesn't work I'll try again, or if it doesn't work I'll be vice president.' I'm not interested in any of that. So either I feel like I can win, or there is no reason to do it," John Kasich noted.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, 62, lost a bid for the GOP presidential nomination to George W. Bush in 2000.

Who would you like to see become a Republican presidential candidate?

[Images via: Brea Miller Photography]