Police Officer Reunited With Baby He Found In Dumpster In 1989 [Watch]

California police officer Michael Buelna was reunited with baby he found in a garbage dumpster in 1989. The meeting between officer Buelna and now 25-year-old Robin Barton, was an emotional encounter.

“I hoped that someday I would see him again, “Michael Buelna, said about the baby he found in the garbage dumpster. The Santa Ana police officer was on his usual shift in November 1989 when he heard a “faint sound” coming from inside a trash dumpster. Buelna started to search through the garbage and ultimately found a baby boy amid the debris.

Robin Barton’s umbilical cord was still attached when the officer found him in the trash dumpster. The baby was estimated to be just four hours old when officer Buelna found him. Barton weighed just 4 pounds, 2 ounces when placed upon the scales at a nearby California hospital.

The baby found in a trash dumpster in 1989 was “blessed with a great family,” the Santa Ana law enforcement said. When the police officer was reunited with Robin Barton he was also able to meet the rescued baby’s adoptive father, Daniel Fernandez.

“I had the opportunity to shake his hand and look in his eyes and say, ‘Thank you for saving his life,'” Daniel Fernandez said. The publicized reunion between the California and the baby found in the garbage dumpster reportedly prompted Barton’s biological father, Marcos Meza, to come forward. On Sunday Barton and his biological father met and discussed his birth mother.

During the meeting Robin Barton discovered from Marcos Meza he and his then 19-year-old biological mother had an affair. Meza said that he did not know that he had fathered a child until police questioned him after the birth mother’s arrest. Marcos Meza also maintained that he had been looking for his son for many years. “It’s a dream,” Meza replied when asked what it was like to finally meet his son that had been abandoned in a trash dumpster as a baby.

The biological father also told Barton that his birth mother moved to Mexico after serving her sentence and now also wants to see him.

“I’m not angry or upset with her, and I forgive her because she was a young woman in a very compromising position,” Barton said, adding that he hopes that meeting his birth mother will provide closure.

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