‘Game Of Thrones’ Confirms Storyline Change For Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones season five was always set to start changing the direction for characters compared to the book series. With the show getting ahead of the books, it makes sense to change characters’ storylines, and one of those that was confirmed in last night’s episode was Sansa Stark’s storyline. Fans of the show got to see her move towards Winterfell rather than marry Harry the Heir as she does in the books.

Some fans theorized that she would end up taking the place of Jeyne Poole on Game of Thrones, a character that is yet to appear. Huffington Post suggests that it could lead to the traumatic experience the character will face; one that Sophie Turner teased back in October. In A Song of Ice and Fire, Jeyne marries Ramsey Bolton, pretending to be Arya Stark, and ends up facing many horrors at the hands of the sadistic former Snow.

Book fans may have been shocked to find out that Sansa’s storyline was not going to follow the book series. David Benioff, one of the show creators, confirmed that he wanted Sansa to play a more pivotal role in season five, and that was not possible from the Eyrie. She would need to go back to Winterfell.

It means that Jeyne Poole is not likely going to appear in Game of Thrones, and she will not be the only book character to be left out. Forbes suggests that Lady Stoneheart is definitely not going to appear in the show. This was a character fans were disappointed not to see at the end of season four, and the show runners have already suggested she will not appear. The resurrected Catelyn Stark has done very little in the books, and the show runners did not want to bring her in to do nothing with her. It is possible that Sansa will take on the revenge role now that she is getting into Winterfell.

Penny the Dwarf is another character the show may miss out. This is a character who Tyrion meets on the road to Meereen in the books, but he has just been captured by Jorah in Game of Thrones. Either he will meet Penny under very different circumstances or she will be cut from the show.

There are many storylines that look like they will be changed in season five of the show. It makes sense to change the direction since the show will overtake the books. Sansa’s and Tyrion’s storylines are the two that stand out the most for change on Game of Thrones so far, but the season is just three episodes in.

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