Teens Rescue A Snake, You'll Never Guess What The Snake Gave Them In Return [Video]

On April 24, a YouTube member uploaded a video which went rapidly viral. It shows the moment two teenagers rescue a snake and the astonishing after-effect of this rescue.

Warning: The video does contain some profanity - click the mute button if you might be offended, but watch the video anyway. Almost like something out of a science fiction movie, it looks like the snake was so grateful at being rescued, it gave the guys a "gift."

According to the Mirror Online, the two guys came across a snake, hopelessly entangled in some plastic netting and unable to escape. Being the Good Samaritans that they are, they decided to rescue the poor reptile. They captured the whole event on a phone, on what is rapidly becoming a viral video (and for good reason).

We can watch as they carefully cut away the netting from around the snake, naturally using a stick to take extreme care not to get bitten for their trouble as the rescue a snake.

They finally clear all the plastic netting away and as they rescue a snake, the guys at first cheer, but then notice something strange is happening. At first they fear they have broken the snake's jaw in their rescue attempts.

As one teen says, "I'm so sorry little snake," the other says, "Hey, at least he survived still." Then they suddenly realize that the movement is the typical mouth dislocation of a snake, although under more normal circumstances this would be to take in food.

Rather than taking in nourishment the "grateful" snake appeared to be giving the teens a gift for freeing it. As something very strange starts protruding from the snake's mouth, one of the guys, rather unusually, thinks it is an octopus. However, as the object finally flops free from the snake's mouth it becomes clear that it something else indeed.

Both teens scream with awe and delight at what they called the "craziest moment of our lives." As they rescue a snake, they just wish they could have saved the critter that came out of its mouth. It probably wasn't a gift from a grateful snake, however.

According to 9News, probably completely stressed by the whole situation, the snake had merely regurgitated its lunch. Watch the video above to find out just what came out as the teenagers rescue a snake.

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[Image: Screengrabs from YouTube video]