Hard Candy Nail Polish Relaunches Colors From The '90s To Celebrate Twenty-Year Anniversary

Jennifer Ricketts

After two decades, nail polish colors from the '90s are back! In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Hard Candy is re-releasing their most popular nail polish colors in their square bottles, complete with coordinating jelly rings. For a limited time beginning April 25, you can pick up the collection only in Walmart stores. The colors of nail polish include the retro shades Sky, Claws Up!, Coconut, Scam, and Mint.

It's hard to believe it's been twenty years since actress Alicia Silverstone appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman sporting the pastel blue Sky color on her toes. During her segment on the show, the actress said Sky was her favorite shade. As Alicia was a fashion icon in that decade, her admission launched that particular shade of nail polish as one of the most popular shade in the selection, as well as the Hard Candy brand itself. Sky became a must-have for nail polish aficionados everywhere.

The 20th anniversary collection not only includes the five retro shades listed above but also three new colors -- Tangerini, Girlie, and Zombie. The eight-piece nail polish collection will be available in a special collectible anniversary tin available for only $4.

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Back when Hard Candy nail polish first came out, each bottle cost around $12. Now bottles typically sell for around $4 each. Not only is the company rolling out its classic nail polish, they are also releasing limited edition eyeshadow palette, bronzer and highlighter duos, liquid liners, and lip glosses. All of the makeup items are $12 and under. While the nail polish will be available in April, the makeup collection won't be out until May.

Hard Candy Anniversary Collection

The eyeshadow palette will come in blue packaging with a nod to the popular Sky color of nail polish. Eyeshadows included range from neutral colors to bolder and shimmery hues. Bronzer and highlighter duos will be available in heart-shaped tins and comes in two shades -- Lit up and Sun bunny. The liquid liners will come in three different metallic shades and are said to be capable of being worn all day without smudging. Last but not least are the lip glosses in Pussy Cat, As If!, and Sheer Coconut.

There's only one thing Hard Candy could have done to make their announcement even more exciting -- if Alicia Silverstone had been part of the advertising campaign. Those of us who were teens in the '90s would have loved to see her reaction to the classic nail polish comeback.

[Image via Hard Candy]