‘Contra’ Gets The ‘Star Wars’ Treatment Courtesy Of Konami’s ‘Force Collection’

Konami has mixed a little old-school action into the latest update of the Star Wars: Force Collection mobile card game in the form of a Contra mini-game featuring Chewbacca. According to the iTunes listing, the mini-game is making a limited-time appearance.

The first Contra game hit the arcades in 1987 and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1988. The game’s heroes, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, take on an alien invasion in one of the first multiplayer, co-op shooter experiences. Despite being able to play cooperatively, games in the series often appear on lists of the toughest games of all-time from industry publications that include IGN and GamesRadar. Although the Konami Code was first introduced in Gradius, the frustrating difficulty of Contra popularized use of the code and even lead it to be dubbed the “Contra Code” in some circles.

In this limited-time, single-player Star Wars version, Chewbacca takes on stormtroopers, AT-STs, and all manner of the Dark Side of the Force like a solo commando boss. He fights off the opposition with his trusty bowcaster that has been outfitted to handle Contra-style power-ups. Chewie also seems to have taken a few gymnastics lessons from Bill and Lance, since his ability to jump and somersault out of a tight spot has improved greatly beyond anything fans have seen in the movies. The entire mini-game consists of four stages, with the first two stages being set in the forests of Endor and the last two stages bringing the fight to an Imperial facility.

Star Wars Contra Screenshot - Image courtesy Konami

New players can access the mini-game after completing the Force Collection tutorial. If just the idea of a Star Wars and Contra mashup is not enticing enough to get people to download and play, a special trophy is also being awarded to those who give it a spin.

In addition to the Contra mini-game, the Force Collection update includes fresh Quest Maps for Tatooine and a new Super Star Destroyer Boss Event. Over 300 additional cards featuring heroes, villains, and vehicles have been added, marking the first time C-3P0 and R2-D2 are playable within the game. Players now have the option to select French or German as a language from the Title Menu, as well.

Star Wars: Force Collection, which includes the exclusive Contra mini-game for a limited-time, is available as a free download with optional in-app purchases. It is playable on Android and iOS devices.

[Images courtesy Konami]