January 15, 2017
Chipotle Going GMO-Free Starting Monday

Chipotle has been in the news quite often lately, especially when presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stopped at a Chipotle in Ohio and nobody recognized her, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Now, Chipotle is winning more health-focused fans by agreeing not to use foods that have been genetically altered, reports the New York Times. It is reportedly the first time that a large restaurant establishment like the Chipotle Mexican Grill will avoid GMOs -- and it will begin on Monday.The fact that Chipotle is going GMO-free adds to the allure of the eatery that sells mostly burritos bowls and tacos, another major feature from the chain, which recently announced Chipotle would also be delivering to the homes of customers, reports CBS. That feat will be undertaken by Chipotle collaborating with delivery service start-up firm Postmates, with whom Chipotle has signed a deal.GMO stands for "genetically modified organism," which means genetic engineering methods have been used to alter the original makeup of a food. Authors of books like the best-selling Wheat Belly guide by William Davis have brought the notion of GMO foods to the forefront of the public, stating that GMOs were introduced when food scientists looked for a way to stretch food and make more money by creating larger volumes of wheat, for example.With Chipotle using non-GMO corn, and GMO-free sunflower oil -- along with other healthier versions of oils -- means that fans of the eatery have one more reason to frequent the popular locales. All these factors are part of the reasons why Chipotle's quarter billion-dollar sales have been noted, as reported by the New York Times, with future earnings reports likely to follow suit.While there's a big debate from parties on either side of the issue over whether or not GMO foods are harmful, the USDA does admit that approximately 80 percent of foods have been genetically altered in some way.

The ChipotleTweets Twitter page has yet to tweet about the GMO change as of this writing.

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