Jessica Simpson Is A Godmother: Cobb Baby Girl Has Singer ‘Madly In Love’

Jessica Simpson is a new godmother to Cacee Cobb’s newest addition. Cobb and Simpson are close, and Simpson shared the news on her Instagram page on Friday, according to Hello Magazine. The singer showed off the new arrival, Wilder Frances Faison, in the photo she shared. She captioned the photo with “madly in love with my Goddaughter Wilder Frances Faison!!! I am beyond proud of @caceecobb and @donald_aison.”

This is Cacee Cobb’s second child with Donald Faison. The couple welcomed their son, Rocco, in 2013. According Mail Online, the couple married in 2012 at home of Faison’s co-star, Zach Braff. Simpson was Cobb’s bridesmaid. Before they decided to make their relationship official, they had dated for six years. As for Faison, he has four other children from previous relationships.

Cacee Cobb and Jessica Simpson have been best friends for several years. At one time, Cobb was Simpson’s personal assistant. She is no longer in that position. Simpson has been helping Cobb get ready for the arrival of the baby girl. Last month, she threw a baby shower for Cacee. She made sure to share a photo from the event on her Instagram.

It does seem that Cobb is returning the favor by naming Jessica the godmother of her daughter. Simpson had her own daughter, Maxwell, in 2012, and she named Cacee Cobb the godmother of her baby girl, according to Us Magazine.

After the arrival of Maxwell, who will turn three-years-old on Friday, Simpson revealed that she loved dressing up her baby girl.

“I’m addicted to buying headbands with massive flowers for Maxwell on easy! She is insanely beautiful I can’t help but play dress up! I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

With Wilder Francis’s arrival, it is clear that Jessica and her best friend will have plenty of time to dress up the new infant.

Fashion is something that Simpson is passionate about. Earlier this month, she sold half of her billion dollar fashion label, The Jessica Simpson Collection, off to Sequential Brands Group, according to a previous Inquisitr report. She still remains the main decision maker in the billion dollar operation by retaining 50 percent of the company for herself. However, she excited about the future of her company, and she is looking to expand in more areas in the time to come.

“I am extremely honored to partner with Sequential Brands Group to continue the growth and integrity of the Jessica Simpson Collection. Working together with the powerful management team at Sequential and with all of our trusted retailers and licensees, including Camuto Group, there is no limit to our success. I’m as committed as I was ten years ago. Here’s to the next billion.”

Jessica Simpson may soon be hit by baby fever. Cacee Cobb was not the only pregnant woman in her life. Her sister, Ashlee Simpson, is also pregnant, and the two sisters stepped out for a double date with their men, Eric Johnson and Evan Ross. The group attended a special preview of The Gleason Project on Thursday, according to Us Magazine. The Simpson sisters earned a few awws by posing belly to belly in one photo.

Jessica and Ashlee are very close, and Jessica approves of Ashlee’s husband, Evan. According to Pop Dust, a source revealed that Jessica and Evan have so much fun together when the couples go out that Ashlee is feeling a bit left out. The foursome recent went out to dinner together, and the pair caused a bit of a scene.

“Ashlee loves that her sister and her husband get along, but she and Eric are starting to feel a little left out. Because she and Eric are definitely the more serious of the two, when all four get together, it becomes like ‘Jessica and Evan show.’ Jessica and Evan love to banter and they love to top each other’s stories. They just kept getting louder and louder and everyone in the place was staring at them, but Jessica and Evan didn’t even notice. Either that or they were having so much fun to care! It’s not that Eric and Ashlee are jealous or anything like that, they just wish they felt more included. It’s getting to the point where Ashlee wants to swear off double dates!”

There is no way to know for sure if there is any truth to this report. However, the two couples did spend time together at the charity event held on Thursday after the report was released.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson being named the godmother of Cacee Cobb’s daughter?

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]