Apple iPad Mini 4 And Air 3: Is October The Release Date?

Ernest Shepard

The new iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 4, will be released in October. This is accordingly to the Christian Today. And it looks like it may have some company as the iPad Air 3, per the Latino Post, might be released in the final quarter of the year, essentially coming simultaneously, or around the same time.

This is great news for people who love Apple products. Options are what seems to be in the plans for each version of the iPad. You can have one or the other, depending on your price.

Apple is still remaining silent about the fourth generation tablet, but many of the specifications are being leaked, seemingly on a daily basis.

As we were already made aware, the screen will be a vivid 7.9 inch screen. A 2GB hard drive with a 64-bit A8X processor is also going to be equipped, along with storage space up to 128 gigabytes.

Apple's iPad Mini 4 will be the thinnest tablet ever developed. Not only will it be thin, but it will be lightweight.

Those details mean that the iPad Mini 4 will be the next slimmest thing, with exception of the larger screen.

The details for the iPad Air 3 are intriguing, if true.

For starters, a 10.2 inch screen boasting 3D graphics is rumored. So, all of the gamers who want to have crisp graphics, they will have a lasting impression. Eye-popping visuals for certain websites will be a thing to do. If it looks good, people will glance at it and choose to revel in its beauty. This would be Apple's hopes.

Also rumored for the iPad Air 3 is 3GB of RAM, 2K resolution, and perhaps the A9X processor. The A9X processor is the latest chip being developed by Apple. A July introduction is in the works. The next variation of iPhone will be equipped with the latest chip. The iPad Air 3 will likely be the first of the tablets to house this kind of power. That is, unless Apple changes their minds and include the processor in the next iPad Mini.

Which one to buy is the now the question. Expect the iPad Mini 4 to cost between $400 and $600. There is no confirmation on the price, but you should refer to the $399 price point of the Mini 3.

As for the Air 3, the website Cross Map suggests that $499 will be the cost.

If price will not be the issue upon the release, the Air 3 will offer a better bang for the buck. The Mini 4 offers a nice fallback option if your pockets are stretched too far. Either way, the Apple iPad Mini 4, or iPad Air 3, would look nice tucked under the Christmas tree.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]