Live Writer Backup has a new release

There are two programs; both of which are Windows only, that I would never want to be without as a full time blogger. The first of course is FeedDemon the best RSS client around and the second, not mention maybe even more essential, is the free blog editor from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer. I have been using this best of breed blog editor since it was first released as a beta many years ago.

Over the years Live Writer has gotten progressively better and better but as with all software there are times when for whatever reason we end up having to reinstall our programs. Whether it be after a hard drive crash or setting up a newer and better machine we all dread having to get all our old setting back in place. Well when it comes to Windows Live Writer is can be a lot less painful thanks to a backup utility program written by Scott Guthrie (ScottIsAFool).

Live Writer Backup first made an appearance some two years ago and for the most part remained untouched as far as upgrades or new code. However Scott started getting some emails about how this excellent tool was having problems working right on XP SP3 and Vista x64 so he decided that maybe the time was right for a new build

The latest version (now 3.0!) was fully rewritten from scratch. The only code still in the program from previous versions is the code that makes it backward compatible with the wlwbackup files from earlier versions. The UI whilst still looking similar is now done in WPF, which means it has some nice little touches to it. Having had a pretty successful [private] beta period and an even more successful Release Candidate, I am now happy to release the final version.

All I can say is Thanks Scott for making a good utility program even better and if any of you out there use Windows Live Writer then head over to the CodePlex and a grab your copy of a must have utility. Also while you are there maybe throw a donation Scott's way as a way of saying thanks.