Jared Leto's Joker: Which Comic Book Is He From?

Jared Leto's Joker from the upcoming film, Suicide Squad, whose first official photo was shown by the movie's director David Ayer, has inspired many controversial reactions – just as Heath Ledger did in his time. However, taught by the previous experience with Ledger, fans now try not to be radical in their judgments.

According to the Inquisitr, Jared didn't move very far from the canonic Joker image.

"Most fans usually have a very distinct idea of what the popular DC Comics villain should look like. He usually sports wild green hair, bleached white skin, and a creepy grin accentuated by garish red lips. Video games, including the infamous Batman: Arkham series, have usually stayed true to the classic image, and only one actor has ever attempted to replicate it."
Jared Leto may be trying to stay true to the Joker's appearance from comic books. His appearance surely doesn't have anything to do with the Joker from Batman: Assault on Arkham (animated film, featuring a Suicide Squad story). However, it's still a question of which comic book Joker he resembles. If one forgets the tattoos, Jared's Joker partially looks like one from the Killing Joke one-shot graphic novel and partially – as the said villain from "Batman: R.I.P" comic book story arc. But still, details as teeth lined in steel and tattoos seem to be Jared's own legacy.

The fairest estimation on the new Joker image was provided by Comicbook.com.

"There's certainly a lot going on in the photo; it almost seems like rather than taking one singular interpretation of the character and going with it (as Zack Snyder seems to have done with Frank Miller's Batman in Batman V Superman) or riffing on the classics to make something your own (as Snyder has done with Superman and Wonder Woman), Ayer has gone the route of taking numerous different interpretations of the character through the years and kind of throwing them all at the wall."
After all, it doesn't matter which comic book Jared's Joker appearance comes from. A more interesting question is which side of the Clown Prince of Crime is going to be shown in the Suicide Squad movie. Will it be madness, cruelty, love towards games with Batman, or the taste for the dark jokes? If Jared Leto manages to combine humor with danger within his character, no one would dare to say anything against his appearance – it's Joker personality what really matters.

[Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images]