Buzz And The Dandelions: Viral Video Shows Toddler Laughing Uncontrollably After Seeing Dandelions!

Time to watch yet another viral video! This one we are sure will make your day. And why not? All viral videos that involve toddlers are bound to make you happy. In the latest one uploaded just yesterday to YouTube, a father is seen carrying his son on his back and showing him dandelions. Nothing unusual, right?

Except, this is the first time Buzz, as the toddler is called, has seen dandelions. The moment his father blows the dandelions, buzz erupts into an uncontrollable laughter! The surprised father repeats the act several times and each time, Buzz is unable to control his laughter!

Soon, the father, who happens to be famous English singer-songwriter, guitarist, children's author, and YouTube vlogger, Tom Fletcher, gets hold of another dandelion and tries the same thing. Buzz's response? It's the same!

The last dandelion that Tom gets hold of wasn't blowing at all -- that however did not stop Buzz from continuing with his uncontrollable laughter.

Wonder what baby Buzz found so funny in those wild dandelions. It's a question to which we might never get an answer to.

Meanwhile, the video uploaded to Youtube on April 25 has already been viewed by over 500,000 viewers. Tom himself seems to be overwhelmed by the response the video has received. He has expressed his happiness on his Twitter handle.

You might have seen several other "toddler laughing uncontrollably" videos. We have embedded a few ones below.

Tell us which one you liked the best!

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]