Harrison Ford Bamboozled By David Blaine Magic Trick, Tells Magician To 'Get The F*** Outta My House'

David Blaine performed such a majestic and bamboozling magic trick on Harrison Ford that it left the renowned actor so shell-shocked he immediately asked the magician to leave his house.

You can check out a clip of Harrison Ford being the worst host in the world, which originally appeared on David Blaine's ABC special, Real Or Magic, back in January, 2014, below.

David Blaine actually shot the above scene with the renowned actor back in 2013, but has since gone viral over the last few days. The clip shows that Ford invited the magician into his house before he then proceeded to blow his mind only by using a 9 of hearts and an orange.

Even from the off, Harrison Ford immediately looked cagey about what David Blaine is going to do to him in his kitchen. The 72-year-old actor is then presented with a full pack of cards and is asked to think of a specific card.

Blaine then tells Ford that the card he is thinking of has now left the deck, which immediately provokes a small chortle from the actor. Blaine even tells Ford to leaf through the deck to try and find his card, and Ford is left completely bamboozled when he can't find his card.

Ford looks completely flummoxed by the disappearance of his card, before he is then instructed by David Blaine to pick up a piece of fruit that they "can open up."

Ford immediately picks up the fruit and Blaine asks the actor if he can cut into it with a sharp knife. Before he does that, though, he asks Ford to reveal the card he thought of, and he unveils that he imagined the 9 of hearts.

Blaine then cuts through the orange and when it's opened up, Ford notices that there is a card inside it, much to the surprise of the other individuals in the kitchen.

Ford looks to be completely stunned by Blaine's trick and he almost stumbles around the kitchen while opening up the card, which, of course, is the 9 of hearts.

Completely taken aback by finding the card, Ford stares directly at Blaine and declares, "Get the f*** outta my house." Ford looks around the kitchen in shock and awe before then finally declaring, "Woah!"

Harrison Ford has had a pretty torrid last few months. Not only did he break his leg while he was on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Pinewood, Berkshire, U.K., but he crash-landed a small plane on a Los Angeles golf course in March, too.