Alligator Bites Man: Alligator Attack Caught On Camera Shows The Beast Attacking Two Men Playing With It

When an alligator bites a man, he would have to be one lucky man to be able to escape death. In the past, the Inquisitr has reported about several instances where people have not been so lucky. There are also several reported cases where people escaped death by a whisker after an alligator attack. In yet another such alligator attack, this time caught on camera, a man is seen escaping from the jaws of an alligator by sheer luck.

A video uploaded to YouTube by user Monique Gongora shows the moment of an alligator attack that left a man injured and bleeding profusely. According to ABC 13 News, the incident reportedly happened at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival on Saturday. The identity of the person who suffered the alligator bite is unknown.

Right from the start of the 1:17 minute video, you feel something is about to go wrong. In the video, you will notice two men "playing" with a large alligator by repeatedly poking it. The man sitting right in front of the alligator is dangerously close to it and is seen in several instances bringing his hand near its mouth and touching its snout. On one occasion, he is also seen cupping the jaws of the alligator with his hands. Another man is seen standing right behind the alligator and appears out of harm's way.

Everything however changes in the matter of seconds. When the man standing at the back moves in, the alligator turns back and attacks. The alligator attack happens so quickly, everyone is shocked. The cameraman too is shocked and for a few seconds everyone is out of frame. When the camera pans again to show the two men, the man who was bit by the alligator is seen profusely bleeding. Ironically, the man injured in the alligator attack was wearing a shirt that read: "Quick Hands or No Hands!"

Meanwhile, officials from Gator County of Beaumont have confirmed that the alligator attack happened during a demonstration. The condition of the person injured in the alligator attack remains unclear, although in the video, it appears that his injuries are not very serious.

We await further information regarding the attack and will update this story as and when new information comes in.

[Image Via YouTube]