M.I.A.’s baby is called Ikhyd, not Ickett

Despite rampant speculation that British singer M.I.A called her child Ickett, it turns out that the child was named Ikhyd.

TMZ managed to obtain a copy of “Certificate of Live Birth” of M.I.A’s baby and according to the document, she named her boy Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman.

M.I.A. issued the following statement March 6 on the rumors: “My baby name is not called Ickitt, Pickit or Lickit, Thank You very much to all the Hollywood Press” M.I.A. said. “He’s a baby, he don’t need press! I didn’t release the baby name because i didn’t think it was news! But I will be back with something newsworthy soon, till then, go pick on apple, satchel and moon unit.”