Girl Power: Amazing Video Of 8-Year-Old Boxer Goes Viral [Video]

A video featuring an 8-year-old young female boxer named Evnik Saadvakass has gone viral after her parents upload an impressive video that showcases her skills.

The video, which was uploaded by the Saadvakass family to their official blog, shows eight-year-old Evnik showcasing her impressive boxing skills. The video of the tough little girl has gone viral, with over 774,000 views on the video in just nine days. In the video, young Evnik can be seen training with her father for the camera. The girl may be tiny, but she can obviously pack a pretty heavy punch on any opponent.

HelloGiggles featured the young girl as an inspiration to young women everywhere, and notes that little Evnik is proof that girls can be just as strong as boys. Many commented that they feel the young girl could probably take on a man twice her size and come out unscathed.

The Saadvakass family's website claims that the young girl's boxing abilities stem from the use of the family's patented training tool, which allows the user to do exercises from any location. From your office chair to your balcony, the "Evnik" can get the job done from practically any location. It seems the tool was named after the family's daughter, and even comes in a child-size version.

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Do you think little Evnik's boxing skills are a result of the strange training device? Could this tiny little girl beat you in a boxing match?