Tattooed Woman On Welfare Wants Someone To Pay For Laser Removal, Insists She's 'Unemployable' With Facial Tattoos

Kay Bennett insists her facial tattoos are the reason why she's unemployed. Now, the 33-year-old welfare recipient wants someone to pay for her to have laser surgery because she's made herself "unemployable."

According to Mirror Online, Bennet receives an estimated $21,000 a year, which includes a $546 supplemental employment and support allowance, and more than $600 for housing each month. However, that's not all. She also receives additional benefits because she suffers from depression due to weight gain. She reportedly indulges in "comfort food" to combat her feelings of worthlessness over not having a job.

According to the Daily Mail, the tattooed woman insists many of her problems are a result of having the tattoos. But, surprisingly, Bennett was not terminated from her last job. She actually resigned after feeling alienated by co-workers. Now, she can't find another job. She recently stated that more than 40 companies have refused to hire her. She also insists the stars on the side of her face have made things much worse. At 18, she got her first tattoo and over the next six years, she added 18 more. However, her professional life abruptly changed when she got six stars tattooed on her face.

"People take one look at me, see the stars and automatically think I'm a criminal or on drugs," she said. "I've applied for 40 jobs in the last year alone. But as soon as I turn up for an interview I can see that person looking at the stars on my face. As soon as they see those stars, and the other tattoos on my neck and hands, their mind is made up. They are not going to employ me."

"My parents never liked my tattoos. But as they were mostly covered up with clothes, they weren't too bothered. However, when I had the stars tattooed on my face, they were horrified. My dad said I looked a right state. They were so ashamed they didn't want anything more to do with me."
She also revealed how the facial tattoos have effected her personal life. Apparently, she only attracts certain guys because many prejudge her by her appearance before she even utters a word. Her daunting reality led to her desire to make some changes to her appearance. Now, she wants assistance for laser surgery to have the tattoos removed, reports Standard Digital Media. If she can't have the tattoos removed, she insists she'll be forced to claim benefits for the rest of her life. She's sharing her story with hope that someone will reach out and assist her.
"I can't afford to have it done. However, I'm absolutely desperate to get rid of them. But until they are removed, I won't be able to find a job and will be stuck on benefits. I hope my nightmare will make anyone think twice about having such visible tattoos especially on your face, neck or hands."
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[Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]