‘The Voice’ Top 8: Has A Potential Winner Emerged?

As The Voice prepares to dazzle us with performances by the Top 8, it feels fitting to ask whether or not a potential winner has already emerged. Last week, The Voice gave us some surprises — some good and some rather disappointing. Deanna Johnson seemed destined to head home no matter what, and a less than impressive turn at the piano doomed Rob Taylor.

But then, no one would have really referred to either of these Voice contestants as front-runners. This season, there seems to be a few artists who’ve been relatively consistent in terms of performance and popularity.

Sawyer Fredericks, the 16-year-old farmer from upstate New York, made a strong impression from the very moment he began to sing. He’s probably hands-down Voice mentor Pharrell William’s best chance of winning Season 8. The shy teen with the impressive locks has a throwback folksy vibe with a little bit of country twang thrown in for good effect.

His vocals are comparable to John Denver, a style that might be a bit old for the younger fans of The Voice. However, he seems to have hit the sweet spot overall, drawing votes from Voice viewers from all walks of life. If Pharrell were smart enough to have Sawyer Fredericks perform a country song, it may help siphon fans away from Team Blake’s Corey Kent White. In any case, if there were a leading front-runner at the moment, Sawyer Fredericks comes closest.

Soulful rocker Kimberly Nichole is one of the two standout women vocalists this season. Thankfully, we’re a world away from Season 7, when the Voice voting audience did its best to eliminate pretty much every woman singer from the show. Powerful performances by Kimberly Nichole are helping the ladies to lead the way this time around.

The Seattle, Washington, native is known for her tutus and Tina Turner-esque vocals, a combination of which have helped her to stand apart from the rest of competition. Coach Christina Aguilera is convinced that she has what it takes to win The Voice, and since she hasn’t been in danger of leaving the show yet, it’s possible the audience may feel the same way.

Her major rival among the women singers comes in the form of Meghan Linsey. Incredibly, Linsey is starting over as a solo artist after spending years as part of a duo called Steel Magnolia. Although this Voice hopeful may be known in country circles, her vocal styling is comparable to Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson of Heart.

Meghan Linsey may allow for Blake Shelton to have back to back wins on The Voice, and with yet another country artist!

One dark horse seems to have emerged in the form of Koryn Hawthorne, whose show-stopping version of the Ed Sheeran single “Make It Rain” skyrocketed her to near the top of the iTunes chart. Was it a fluke? We’ll probably find out this week. If she provides yet another outstanding performance, Hawthorn could emerge as a potential winner of The Voice.

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[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]