Jay Z Defends Tidal With Trending #TidalFacts On Twitter: 'We Have Over 770,000 Subscribers'

Well, Jay Z sure knows how to quiet down a crowd that starts dismissing his streaming music service called Tidal, calling it all but dead. As reported by the Inquisitr, although musical artists like Rihanna initially released her "American Oxygen" video exclusively on Tidal, fans complained, so she eventually released the video for free on YouTube. As for Jay Z's wife, Mrs. Carter, she placed her "Die With You" video on Tidal on the couple's 7th wedding anniversary, with the sweet and haunting piano-backed song, winning fans galore.

On Sunday, Jay Z warned his Twitter followers that a series of tweets would soon follow his initial tweet at approximately noon ET with actual facts about his Tidal music service.

The first Tidal fact showed Jay Z bragging about the nearly 800,000 subscribers to the music service Tidal now enjoys, after being in business for less than one month. However, that number in itself can be misleading. There's no telling how many of those Tidal subscribers are like this reporter, ones who may end up canceling their "TIDAL PREMIUM, normal sound quality" accounts prior to the $9.99 per month charge kicking in before the subscription being automatically renewed.Also, there was no breakdown given by Jay Z on how many of those subscribers chose the "TIDAL HiFi, Lossless sound quality" option for $19.99 per month. Either way, if most of those 770,000 subscribers stick with the basic $10 per month options, that's a nice stream of $7.7 million per month coming into the service.Meanwhile, Jay Z went on to compare his Tidal service to juggernauts like iTunes, saying that it took time to build those music services as well.Jay Z claimed that other firms are spending a pretty penny on putting negative words out about Tidal.According to Page Six, Apple is trying to crush Tidal before it becomes a serious competitor.

Jay Z even paraphrased Suge Knight during one of his Twitter rants.

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