Police Chase Car Thief After Man Spots His Own Stolen Pickup In Rearview Mirror

Police were called and involved in a car chase after a man spotted his own stolen truck in his rearview mirror following behind him and called 911.

It all started when a Cherokee County, Alabama, man had his Toyota pickup truck stolen on his birthday. It wasn't a great ending to a birthday, especially when the car wasn't able to be found before the start of a new day.

According to Fox 6 WBRC, the man headed out to work the next day just before sunrise on Highway 9 and could hardly believe his eyes. In his rearview mirror, he could see his stolen Toyota pickup driving behind him.

Thinking quickly, the man called 911 to report the stolen vehicle sighting and police took action rapidly. The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office responded, and both the car thief and the police officer pulled into Stewart's Market parking lot. However, the car thief decided he was going to make a run for it. Suddenly the chase was on, and the car chase was all caught on police dash cam.

The driver of the Toyota veered off the road, and as a result, the truck rolled over several times and ejected the driver. According to Fox News, the driver was identified as 29-year-old Terry Proctor of Piedmont.

Surprisingly, Proctor was able to get up from being ejected from the car crash and began to run away. Police chased him on foot, and he was captured about 100 feet away from where he started running. Police claim Proctor seem to be fine.

Unfortunately for the owner of the Toyota, his truck was wrecked, but at least the person who took it from him was caught very quickly thanks to his keen eyes and the quick response of the police.

Chief Deputy Matthew Wade had a very blunt message for people who think they can outsmart the police in a car or foot chase.

"The guy found his truck and it was right behind him. And you do bad things, and you're going to get caught."

Proctor was charged with two traffic charges, first-degree theft, and possession of burglary tools in connection with the Toyota theft and car chase. He was booked into the Cherokee County Jail.

Proctor was also facing warrants from the Piedmont Police and Cherokee and Calhoun County Sheriff's Offices. He was already being looked for by the U.S. Marshals Task Force two weeks prior to the police car chase incident.