Cavs Game: Tristan Thompson Takes Out Row Of People, Perkins and Crowder Fight, J. R. Smith Ejected [Video]

The Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs game against the Boston Celtics is certainly rife with action. First off, the name Perkins is trending on Twitter because Kendrick Perkins — a Cavs center — and Jae Crowder of the Celtics, got into a fight that has caused 61,000 tweets about the fight to come into the social media platform pretty quickly, enough to make it a trending topic.

Additionally, JR Smith from the Cavs was ejected, according to ESPN, after Smith endured a flagrant-2 foul for his actions of hitting Crowder in his face with a vicious elbow. The heated game featured the Cavs with a healthy lead at the half, a whopping 21 points ahead of the Celtics, as they attempted to sweep the Celtics in the series’ first round.

Another video that’s getting plenty of airplay and talk online is when Tristan Thompson fell on a row of people, as reported by Fan Sided when Tristan took a dive for a loose ball during Sunday’s Game 4, and because the chairs were connected, he caused nearly the entire row to go down on their backs.

Tristan Thompson taking down more chairs than Shaq!

— NykeFaller (@NykeFaller) April 26, 2015

The reactions to Tristan’s hustle are coming in via plenty of tweets giving the man kudos on Twitter.

As far as Crowder’s injuries after landing on the floor, his teammates helped him up as he was taken to the locker room to be inspected — but not before exchanging heated words with members of the Cavs on their bench. Jae endured a sprain to his left knee and wasn’t expected to return to the game. It was a truly physical game that saw Kevin Love of the Cavaliers also suffering an injury when his arm was pinned by Kelly Olynyk.

LeBron James was on the bench getting stretched and treated for cramps. As reported by the Inquisitr, LeBron is taking a more serious foray into films, as his new role in the movie Trainwreck shows him starring as a Downton Abbey loving ball player.

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