Calvin Harris: Millionaire DJ Went From Shy Guy To Taylor Swift's Boyfriend, New Biography Reveals

Calvin Harris seems to have it all. His girlfriend's name is Taylor Swift. He's broken Michael Jackson's record for most top 10 hits from a single album. He's a DJ worth $100 million dollars.

Sounds like a guy who's never had to worry about being self-conscious. On the contrary, his new biography reveals that Harris' path to success was rocky mostly due to a crippling shyness that plagued him for most of his early life.

The book, The $100 Million DJ, details how Harris struggled with self confidence issues and chronic fatigue illness which separated him from his friends for over a year, the Mirror reports. He had dreams of becoming a performer but lacked the self-esteem to make him successful onstage.

In 2003, when he finally decided to move to London for a year to start his music career, he ended up working at a department store and almost quit pursuing his dreams.

But Calvin didn't quit, and his hard work has paid off in the millions.

Most of Harris' old friends are shocked at the level of international success that he's achieved.

"He was on TV. It was quite a big shock for me. He looked confident, totally different," says his high-school friend, Lee McQueen.

Both McQueen and Harris had previously planned to become business partners and open up a cafe for kids in their hometown. The cafe never opened its doors. Calvin found an old building that they planned to use as their location, but by that time, he had already started growing his reputation as a DJ. He soon got his first big break when his track "Acceptable in the 80s" started heating up local airwaves.

Despite his small taste of hometown fame, he was still uncomfortable around girls.

"He wasn't very good around girls at school, as I remember," McQueen remembers. "He was still tall and thin and lanky but still quite shy."

Since becoming successful, Calvin has dated a string of famous beauties, including Rita Ora and now Taylor Swift.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift
Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have reportedly been dating for a while. Will she write a song about him?

He and Swift have been dating for a little over a month, and the relationship seems to be going strong. Taylor recently said that she felt shamed by the public into remaining single forever.

"I'm only allowed to date if it's for a lasting, multiple-year relationship. Otherwise I'm a, quote, 'serial dater'. Or, quote, 'boy crazy," she told Glamour Magazine.

"The media. You take something very fragile, like trying to get to know someone, and it feels like walking out into the middle of a gladiator arena with someone you've just met. And... the public and the media are allowed to say thumbs up or thumbs down... So I just don't try it anymore."

Looks like Calvin Harris was able to break through Taye Taye's reservations about dating, and that's a good thing. They're a cute couple.

[Photo via The Mirror]