Prepare Your Hatred: Man Sets Up GoFundMe For Sick Dog And Then Reportedly Blows The Money On Himself

A lot of hatred is spewing forth on Reddit and a few other social sites about a guy who set up a GoFundMe account for his sick dog. While that doesn't necessarily bring forth hatred and anger, it's what he did with the money that has everyone so mad, because he's apparently spending it all on himself.

The images and thread has been making its way around reddit, and it is getting a lot of attention and a ton of hatred spewing forth.

gofundme sick dog money 1

This is the dog named Chase, who apparently is really sick. The GoFundMe account for Chase was set up back in late January, and the goal was for $1,800 to get some medical attention that could possibly help the sick dog get better.

Seems like a worthy and noble ambition for a person that truly cares for their beloved pet.

The problem is that his Facebook account was connected to the GoFundMe for his sick dog, and people started checking him out. That was when they found out he wasn't that hard up for money.

gofundme sick dog money 2

As you can see, someone else is concerned about Chase's well-being while his owner is out picking up some new glasses. This is, of course, after he got corrective eye surgery, which is always quite pricey.

Some people jumped to his defense and said that his insurance may have helped or something, but this was far from all he was doing.

gofundme sick dog money 3

This post was by the sick dog's owner was put up in early April, and it shows him thinking of getting a tattoo. Another costly expense, and one that is quite odd when he's trying to raise money for his sick dog, Chase.

A day later, there was finally another post about Chase in which a short video was shown of the dog with the caption of "ugh." The guy even said he was "feeling worried," and Chase didn't look so hot.

gofundme sick dog money 4

Many people seem to have been truly concerned for the sick dog since the GoFundMe was set up just two months ago. At the bottom of the thread, the circled comment is from the owner of the dog and he says he "may have to put him down."

Someone on reddit had been checking out the dog owner's Facebook page and said that less than a week ago, he also ended up getting engaged. Many believe that the whole thing is a scam so he could get the money needed for whatever he wanted and an engagement ring.

Either that, or Chase is really sick and the poor dog will end up being put down because the money donated for him is being used for other reasons.

So far, this guy is drawing even more hatred than the scary parents with the demanding birthday invitation for their child's first birthday. If the GoFundMe really wasn't for his sick dog and was nothing more than a "money for me" donation scam, then he can expect even more wrath.

[Images via Random Overload]