Missing Sisters Survive Two Weeks On Girl Scout Cookies, Family Members Open Up About Miraculous Rescue

Two sisters stranded in a remote part of Michigan survived two weeks on Girl Scout cookies, cheese puffs, and snow, and now family members are opening up about their miraculous rescue.

Leslie Roy, 52, and Lee Wright, 56, were on their way back from visiting a relative when their car got stuck in deep snow in a remote part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The sisters were unable to get their truck loose, and for nearly two weeks, the missing sisters survived on some Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs they happened to have with them.

The pair tried to call 911, but were unable to get phone service in the remote part of the state. The missing sisters were finally found this week when aerial search crews spotted the reflection from their car's windshield, then landed a helicopter about a mile from them on a beach and hiked to their location.

For family members, it was the miraculous ending they had been hoping for. Many of the family members just arrived in Michigan from Oklahoma and Nebraska when the missing sisters were found.

Until their discovery, family members admitted that there looked to be little hope.

"We knew that we needed to find them soon to have a happy outcome," said Dennis Roy Jr., Leslie's son and Lee's nephew.

Roy said that family members were ready for the reality of finding their loved ones dead and were at least hoping to locate the bodies with a new search.

"I'll be honest with you, entering this weekend the family was seeking closure," he said.

Search crews said the missing sisters were thrilled to be found alive and weren't giving up on the situation.

"They got out of the vehicle and were waving their hands, and had started to build a fire to signal," said said Michigan State Police Sgt. Brent Rosten. "They were very elated, and Lee Wright was clutching to her bible and was very appreciative to be found."

There had been some tense moments for the missing sisters. They said during one night, they heard footsteps in the snow and thought it might have been search crews looking for them. When they checked later the sisters found it was something much more frightening --- a bear had come to check out their truck.

Family members said the missing sisters lost for two weeks were found not because of any kind of technology, but the hard work and dedication of the Michigan State Police.

[Image via MLive.com]