Adnan Syed Lawyer Offers Free Defense For Freddy Gray Protesters

A lawyer in Baltimore has offered a pro-bono defense for Freddy Gray protesters — or at least, for the first one to contact him after being arrested in Saturday night’s protests. Justin C. Brown, who is also an attorney on the high-profile Adnan Syed case, which became well-known across the country via podcasts, first Serial, then Undisclosed, tweeted during last night’s events that he would offer his services to the first person to contact him.

If anyone needs a pro bono lawyer for protest arrest tonight I’ll take first one to contact my office. #FreddieGray

— Justin Brown (@CJBrownLaw) April 25, 2015

The attorney tweeted about the protests several times throughout the evening, appearing to express distaste with police actions that lead to the death of Freddy Gray and support for protesters.

Brown has expressed strong stances in cases involving police misconduct, and his firm’s blog covers many such cases, such as a recent one in which they argue that a defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated by police tracking of his cell phone.

Freddy Gray died of injuries sustained, according to NBC, during arrest and subsequent transport. Officials admit he was handcuffed and placed in a transport van with no seatbelt and no way to protect himself against being thrown from his seat against the vehicle’s metal interior.

Last night in Baltimore, protesters called for justice, and in some areas, the protests became destructive, with cars and city property damaged. While many describe the protests using the words “violent” and “riots,” protesters spoke out on Twitter, noting the disparity in description — saying that riots over sporting events are spoken of less fiercely, and that destruction to property is decried as more violent than a death in police custody.

Throughout recent protests, over Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and so many others, numerous protesters have been arrested. Funds have been raised through some groups (like Operation Help or Hush for Ferguson protesters) to help pay some bail costs for these protesters, and when it took place in his own city, it seems attorney Justin Brown felt the need to help in a substantive way as well.

His offer was extended to any Freddy Gray protesters arrested in last night’s events, with a promise of pro-bono aid to the first person to contact his offices.

[Photo by:Alex Wong/Getty Images]